Globe & Sicilian Eggplant

Packed in Euro & 1 1/9 carton

Eggplant is low in calories and super rich in potassium and calcium. These plants are harvested immature before seeds begin to significantly enlarge and harden, and over-mature eggplant becomes bitter. Firmness and external glossiness are good indicators for selecting a succulent eggplant. Quality is based on the uniform egg to globular shape, firmness, and dark purple skin color.


Eggplants are an amazing food that can be cooked by the grill, oven, and many other ways. eggplant pasta is one of our favorites and is the perfect meal for a slow summer night. Grill the veggies while you cook the pasta. Then, toss them with fresh basil, sherry vinegar, and any other your favorite condiments. It packs a huge punch of flavor