Food Safety

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Food safety is always top of mind in our daily work at Nightingale Farms. We currently possess CANADAGAP Certification.

During production and harvesting, produce is handled in a manner that minimizes damage and potential contamination. Any produce that is damaged or deemed unfit for consumption is properly disposed of.

HACCP Certification is part of our commitment to Food Safety.

Extensive training is provided to all employees on personal hygiene, hygienic produce handling procedures and general food safety. Equipment and tools are cleaned and sanitized daily as part of our stringent preventative food safety program.

Printable Certificates:

B&C Nightingale (Grower) Organic Produce Summary

B&C Nightingale (Grower) Organic Certification

Nightingale (Packager) Organic Produce Summary

Nightingale (Packager) Organic Certification

CanadaGAP certificate 2017



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